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We are negotiating with Cigna regarding a new contract that covers the care we provide to our patients with Cigna commercial (employer-sponsored) and Exchange (Health Insurance Marketplace) health insurance plans. It is important to know that nothing changes at this time. As a Cigna member, you can continue to receive in-network care with us as you normally would. In-network access will only change if we’re unable to reach an agreement with Cigna by the end of 2018.

We began discussions with Cigna in January 2018, to give both organizations plenty of time to reach an agreement. While we have time before the contract expires, we remain far apart on important parts of the contract. Cigna has demanded deep cuts to the payments we receive from them across the country. If they succeed in reducing payments to us, it will affect our ability to cover the costs for the healthcare services we provide every day.

Patients remain our top priority, and we are honored to serve as your trusted healthcare provider. We understand the importance of keeping your relationship with your healthcare providers, and while contract negotiations can be challenging, we are doing all we can to minimize any disruption to in-network access.

Affected Facilities and Physicians

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Contact Cigna at the phone number on the back of your health insurance card today to express the importance of a new contract that maintains your in-network access to care. Find what else you can do to continue visiting your trusted healthcare provider.

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