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We need your help to convince Cigna to put patients first. Please speak up and call on Cigna to act responsibly.

Call Cigna

Call the number on the back of your insurance card and demand they keep your preferred hospitals in network.

Switch Health Plans

If you purchased your insurance on the Healthcare Exchange, consider switching to another health plan, one that keeps your trusted providers in network in 2019, before open enrollment ends.

Talk to your HR manager

If you get your insurance through your employer, contact your HR department about possibility of switching health plans. Ask that they reach out to Cigna and urge them to put patients first by offering a fair deal.

Tweet Cigna

Click to share the tweet below on your personal Twitter account.

“@Cigna Agree to a contract with @tenethealth by 12/31 so thousands of Americans stay in-network with the healthcare providers they know and trust #Cigna #Unsureance”

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Share Your Story

Tell Cigna why continued in-network access is important to you by posting on social media using #unsureance.