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Below we have included a list of questions you may have about our success in reaching a fair agreement with Cigna. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

What happened with your hospital and/or provider and Cigna?

We reached an agreement with Cigna on the terms of a new contract that covers the care we provide to Cigna commercial members. As a result, patients with any type of Cigna insurance can continue to seek care at our hospital or facility, without any interruption in in-network coverage.

For Cigna Healthspring Medicare Advantage Plans

There are no changes or lapses in in-network coverage for members with Cigna-Healthspring Medicare Advantage health plans as an agreement was reached in 2018 concerning that contract.

How will this affect a patient’s insurance coverage?

This means that all Cigna members can continue to seek care from this provider at in-network rates. There will be no lapses in in-network coverage for any Cigna members.

Does this mean patients can still see their doctor?

Yes, patients with Cigna commercial health plans can access our hospital and providers at in-network rates without any interruption in coverage.

Will these negotiations happen again?

Contract negotiations are common, and a normal part of the relationship between providers and insurance companies. We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Cigna on a multi-year contract that provides continued in-network access to our hospital.

If a patient still has questions, where do they go?

If you have specific questions, you can call our dedicated community information line at (833) 872-4415.

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